Fresh As

The world’s most innovative, premium freeze dried ingredients made here in New Zealand, Fresh As provides freeze dried products from mandarins to basil, manuka honey

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Pumpkin – Butterkin $1.95 kg Kiwifruit – Gold $1.49 kg Limes $1.99 kg Broccoli $1.29 ea Gourmet Potatoes – GOLDEN $2.95 kg Lemons – Tag

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What the Keto?

It’s one of the hottest food trends so here is our breakdown on what you need to know about Keto.  Below is not an exhaustive

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In Season Now


This once ho hum veg is now one of the hippest.  In the past cauliflower cheese was as cool as it got, now you’ll find cauliflower roasted whole, deep

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Kumara was an essential crop for early Maori who it is believed brought them with them from Hawaiki more than 1000 years ago.  These starchy

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Julia Child once declared, “I cannot imagine a world without onions”, and many a chef would agree.    Part of the allium family of herbaceous flowering plants,

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Add a Little Fava

These tender leaves from the Fava bean or Broad bean plant are a vesratile green you should try! Snipped from the top of the plant,

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Hunt & Gather Bee Co

Hunt & Gather Bee Co. are a small family beekeeping business based in the Waikato.  Hannah and Rory, who juggle three kids and thousands of

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Bidfresh Hamilton are passionate about Fresh Produce. 
We work closely with local growers and producers to promote the Waikato.  Join us for our next fieldtrip to learn more about where and how some of the great produce we sell comes from.

Bidfresh can also help you source those hard to find, unique products like truffle, blood oranges, figs, heirloom tomatoes, edible flowers, artichokes….

Or ask us about our processed products which cut down on man hours and wastage in your kitchen.