Fresh As

The world’s most innovative, premium freeze dried ingredients made here in New Zealand, Fresh As provides freeze dried products from mandarins to basil, manuka honey to raspberries allowing chefs to add intensity and texture.

Founder Tommy Roff says “I had a produce wholesale business supplying restaurants and was constantly having trouble sourcing a good supply of French tarragon. I’d been shown some freeze dried chives 10 years earlier and, after a bit of a bender, the dots somehow joined up. I think my diminished capacity [from the bender] allowed my brain to do some creative dot-joining.”

The key advantage of using freeze-drying technology is all the moisture is removed without the addition of much heat. Most other drying techniques use heat to remove the moisture, which in essence cooks the moisture out. Because of this, freeze-dried products retain a fresh, rather than cooked flavour.
Texture is the other big advantage. Freeze-dried fruit is crunchy which gives chefs the ability to provide a textural element to a dish that wouldn’t be possible with conventional fruit.

Tom says “I see Fresh As is a foodservice company that also produces retail. As such, most of our resources are aimed at producing interesting products for chefs so we predominantly try to produce products that offer chefs a textural difference. We freeze dry liquorice into a product that has the texture of meringue, allowing the chef to use the liquorice in a different application. We also freeze dry things like sake, gin and tonic, coffee, balsamic vinegar, manuka honey – pretty much anything you can think of. We can freeze dry pretty much anything. The only items I’ve struggled with are products like butter or oil.”

Fresh As supply products all around the globe, from the Jordanian royal family to Victoria not to mention  many of the worlds best restaurants and local companies like Whittakers (ie: Hawke’s Bay Black Doris Plum chocolate block) and Hubbards.

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