Green Valley Barista Milk

Marphona Farms – Excellence in the Dairy Industry

With its roots in the lush soil of the North Waikato, Marphona Farms began as a family business in 1983 with the conversion of some pretty tough land just over the Bombay hills in Mangatawhiri. Blood, sweat and tears went into the transformation of what was essentially swamp land next to some small dairy farms to what is today known as Marphona Farms.

Forward thinking by the Pulman family over 20 years ago has seen continued conversion of land into what is now, an industry leading organic and non-organic farming operation and now the heart of Green Valley Dairies operation.

Marphona Farms holds AsureQuality Organic Certification and was the first New Zealand Dairy farm to obtain a Registered Product Safety Programme (PSP) with New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

Uniquely located within Marphona Farms – Green Valleys up to date, state of the art manufacturing facility has recently undergone extensive renovations, doubling its capabilities and ensuring they are ready for the future.

Green Valley pride themselves on being innovative and flexible. With a wealth of expertise on board their passionate team loves the challenge of developing solutions for many different facets of the dairy industry.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee – As New Zealanders we are arguably obsessed with the taste of a quality cup.
Ranked amongst the top 20 highest coffee consumers throughout the world it makes sense to ensure that the milk in the coffee completes the experience.

Barista Silk milk.
With a special blend of protein and fat Barista Silk provides a silky smooth taste, stretch and creamy finish – it is the perfect partner to the very best coffee beans New Zealand roasters have to offer.

Barista Velvet Organic Milk

Made with pure organic milk and in a class of its own – formulated for Foodservice to provide a consistent beautiful finish, stretch and taste.  Forget seasonal disruptions to the quality of your milk and thus coffees and eliminate the waste this causes with this consistent product create specifically for baristas.

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