Giving Back

We’re a caring bunch here at Bidfresh Hamilton.  We care about our community, the environment and the industry we are part of, and this is reflected in the number of charities and organisations we support.

While we would love to be able to say yes to every request for help we are presented with, this is just not feasible.

Our support is not always monetary, we have supported local community houses for decades to be able to provide affordable fruit and vegetables with their vegetable co-ops.

We supply Vincent DePaul with bread for their school lunch programme and often drop milk and bread to the Hamilton Men’s Shelter.  Have supplied fresh produce for the Scouts for nearly ten years.


Established in 2014, Kaivolution rescues edible food from being needlessly thrown away and redistributes to Charities, Community Centres and through the Kaivolution Freestore.
Bidfresh Hamilton has been involved with Kaivolution right from the initial feasibility stages.

In their first five years, more than 700 tonnes of food, destined for landfill yet still edible was rescued. Food that’s good enough to eat, but not good enough to sell is picked up, sorted at the Frankton depot and redistributed to communities.

“The food we divert from landfill each month reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 32,000 kg per month – the equivalent of 126,000 km travelled by car”. – Kaivolution

The environmental impact is significant yet it’s the social benefit that cannot be underestimated. Every month Kaivolution distributes to 80 charities and community organisations to provide access to free food for over 2,500 individuals.

Graham Dingle Foundation

Established in 1995 the Graham Dingle Foundation are leaders in positive child and youth development and currently work with over 27,000 five to 18-year olds throughout New Zealand.

The Foundations runs school-based programmes across the country including Kiwi Can, Stars, Career Navigator, Project K and MYND. Using fun and safe experiential learning through the great outdoors and inspirational classroom leaders and world-class mentors to help our young people keep on track, learn good values and set goals for the future.

Bidfood NZ are thrilled to have partnered with the Graham Dingle Foundation for the past 11 years.  In that time we have donated over $650,00, helping support 98 schools and impacting over 22,000 students.

Waikato Food Inc

Waikato Food Inc are a not for profit organisation serving up the best in the Waikato.  Organisers of events such as Feast Waikato, Melt Challenge, Matariki Dish Challenge and Fermentfest, Waikato Food Inc aims to connects chefs, eateries and producers to raise the profile and calibre of food and hospitality in the Waikato.

Bidfresh Hamilton are avid supporters of both the Waikato hospitality industry and local producers so being a key sponsor and supporter of Waikato Food Inc just makes sense.