Fresh and available all year round

In addition to fresh produce we supply fresh eggs, milk and award winning cheeses.

Due to advances in farming techniques most fruit and vegetables are available year round but it always pays to eat with the seasons when produce it at it’s best taste and cost wise.

Fresh Anytime


Such a versatile vegetable, cabbage offers a variety of flavours and textures depending on cooking technique. From the common green cabbage we immediately think of,

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Julia Child once declared, “I cannot imagine a world without onions”, and many a chef would agree.    Part of the allium family of herbaceous flowering plants,

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Has any vegetable had quite as fast a rise up the ‘in fashion’ list than cauliflower? In only a couple of short years cauliflower has become a hero ingredient on

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Fresh As

The world’s most innovative, premium freeze dried ingredients made here in New Zealand, Fresh As provides freeze dried products from mandarins to basil, manuka honey

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Add a Little Fava

These tender leaves from the Fava bean or Broad bean plant are a vesratile green you should try! Snipped from the top of the plant,

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Hunt & Gather Bee Co

Hunt & Gather Bee Co. are a small family beekeeping business based in the Waikato.  Hannah and Rory, who juggle three kids and thousands of

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